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6 Tips on how to crack AIIMS like a topper - AIIMS 2017

Posted By : Mr Anand Dhillon/Posted on: May 19, 2017

AIIMS 2017 is a medical entrance exam for admission to MBBS program at AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences). AIIMS institutions are amongst the most prestigious medical colleges in India. It is a dream of every medical aspirant to be a part of AIIMS.

Here is some quick information regarding AIIMS 2017:

AIIMS 2017 Exam Date: 28 May 2017

AIIMS 2017 Exam Mode: Online Exam or CBT (Computer Based Test)

AIIMS 2017 Exam Time Duration: 3 Hours 30 Minutes (210 minutes)

AIIMS 2017 Exam Pattern:

200 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Physics – 60 Questions, Chemistry - 60 Questions, Biology – 60 Questions, General Knowledge – 10 Questions, Aptitude and Logical Thinking – 10 Questions

AIIMS 2017 Marking Scheme:

+1 mark for Correct answer

+1/3 mark for Incorrect answer

0 mark for No Answer

AIIMS 2017 Result date: 14th June, 2017

AIIMS 2017 Counselling Rounds:

1st Counselling – 03rd, 04th, 05th & 06th July, 2017

2nd Counselling - 3rd August, 2017

3rd Counselling - 5th September, 2017

Open Counselling [If required] - 27th September, 2017

A total of 707 MBBS seats are being offered across 7 AIIMS institutions across India via AIIMS 2017 exam. Lakhs of India students apply for this exam every year. Needless to say, the competition is immense.

So given here are 6 tips to help you score high in AIIMS 2017:


In AIIMS 2017 you will get +1 marks for one correct answer and -1/3 mark for one incorrect answer.

No marks for No attempt or taken as 0 mark

This is an extremely important strategy. You may not attempt a question if you are not sure of the answer.

As competition is very high every single mark counts. So you may choose to rely on your knowledge and competence rather than chance.


200 Questions in 210 Minutes. So you can keep 1 minute for 1 answer and 10 minutes buffer to recheck the paper.

Utilise your time in the best possible way.

Read through a question carefully. Look at all the options properly. If you know it, attempt. If you have a doubt move to the next and so on.

You may not waste time pondering over an answer. Do your best to answer questions you are confident of in less than 1 minute.

Once you have attempted all the questions you know by this approach, you will have sufficient time to revisit the questions you left.

And as mentioned earlier, if you are not sure of an answer, you may leave it. Remember a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush!


Focus primarily on NCERT books as 70% of the overall questions are either directly taken from NCERT textbooks, or are an advanced form of its learning.

So at the last stages of examination you may put more emphasis on NCERT books.

To score high in AIIMS 2017, it is important to have an in-depth understanding of what you study. The questions may not be very direct. So if you know a subject thoroughly, you can answer any question by using your logic.


Practice makes a man perfect! As it is rightly said.

Put yourself in an exam environment. Take AIIMS 2016 paper and question papers of other competitive exams like NEET 2016, NEET 2017, JIPMER and keep on practicing.

Evaluate your performance.

During the last few days before exam this is the best way to tackle you exam fears and build confidence.


There are 5 sections in AIIMS 2017 – Physics, Chemistry and Biology, General Knowledge, Aptitude and Logical Thinking. All sections are important, but you may choose to begin your attempt with the one section you are more confident to perform well, depending upon your preparation.

This will give you more confidence when you are attempting questions at the exam.

For General Knowledge make it a habit to read the newspaper daily or you can also use android apps which give you news in brief like “Inshorts” which gives a you quick insight at the latest news.


A relaxed mind leads to clarity of thought, which is the most important thing you need during an examination.

You can practice simple meditative techniques regularly like sitting with your eyes closed and concentrate on your breath for just 5 minutes and visualise and feel that you have performed well in your exam. Such techniques are used by some of the most successful people around the world.

We hope that these 6 tips help you get a closure towards your preparation for the exam. Remember that exams will be a part of your entire life in some form or other. You need to do your best and just leave the rest. Do not stress about your performance after the exam is over.

You can get access to the answer key for this exam online after the exam is done. Calculate the approximate score you can get. Evaluate your options based on the tentative score you are expecting. Be hopeful but realistic in this.

It will help you take the right decision towards your next step. Explore all the options and alternatives you have.

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All the best!

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