5 Perspectives and Perceptions of Studying in Russia

Posted By : Mr Anand Dhillon/Posted on: May 17, 2017

Moving to another country is always a challenge. But when it comes to moving to Russia, this challenge is particularly interesting. Russian culture is famous around the world for being very traditional. On visit to Russia, people discover so many fascinating things about Russia. And then, they share their experiences in their own style.

If you are thinking of studying in Russia, here are a few Myths and Truth that you should know.

Myth 1: Russians hate and trouble foreigners

This is one of the most popular myths. There have been incidents years ago in St. Petersburg, in which foreign students were beaten up by the so called "Skin Heads". This problem was not only for foreigners, but for locals themselves - they were beaten as easily as any foreigner, if a hooligan didn't like their appearance.


TRUTH: Such can incidents take place throughout any country be it USA or INDIA and not particularly in RUSSIA. So it is better to take some precautions if you are visiting Russia or any country for that matter. Russian people are friendly once they know you. They are helpful to students, particularly the new generation of Russians.


These kinds of incidents can be avoided, if the student follows some basic social rules: Control yourself on different provocations; cut on late night activities that force you to commute back home alone and there is nothing better than being in a good company of friends when around the city.

Myth 2: Foreign Students can work or get part time jobs easily.

Working in any foreign country depends upon the visa that you hold. To get a part time job in Russia, lot of parameters are considered. The type of course the student is enrolled for, the university of study, the state where they are studying. For example, students studying medicine in Russia are not legally allowed to work.

Apart from that even for part time jobs, Russian language is a mandatory criteria. Many students try and take up a part time job in the university itself.


It is challenging to find a part time jobs while studying in Russia for an international student; though not impossible.

Myth 3: Teachers can be bribed for better Exam Results

Corruption exists in many countries be it developed nations like Russia or developing economies like India.

Though this is a very subjective issue, I have come across certain students who have experienced such malpractices. These students were part of universities which were located in small cities and very fairly new to providing education for international students. Some of these didn’t have proper recognition as well. So the question is also that why did they go to such universities and why did they indulge in such practices of giving a bribe?

If you choose to study at top universities in Russia preferably in Moscow, which have global recognition, you will not come across such malpractices.


A student who considers himself worthy of studying should be careful in choosing universities with global recognition be it Russia or any other country. Also the student should not be the one encouraging such practices to get better marks.

Myth 4: Russia is full of mafia and it’s dangerous

Really, many people think that Russia is some place filled with Mafia and it's so dangerous to come here. Well, there is Mafia, but the Wild West nineties are left in the 20th century.


Nowadays it's like any place in the world and Russia is not more dangerous than anywhere else. If you are a student or a traveller, just follow your routine. Stay away from places which seem unsafe and you will be fine. You can only have contact with criminals when you're into something illegal, like buying or selling drugs, or are really looking for trouble.

Myth 5: There are so many Catastrophes and Bombings!


Not more than anywhere else. It's just that Russia is the largest country in the World. Bigger than Europe, USA, India. Do you think there are more disasters happening in Russia than in the whole Europe and United States together?

The truth is we focus on negative as we are about to leave our comfort zone, our home country and hence are giving unnecessary importance to such issues whereas if you look closely, within your country such occurrences must have taken place somewhere.

So overall, Russia is a good country to study at affordable cost, travel and work. The people are warm and helpful. All you need to do is choose good universities to study, be honest and keep away from unsafe places. It can be your gateway to a bright future.

Author : Mr. Anand Dhillon [M.B.A.]

Anand Dhillon loves to write & share knowledge on Education in India, Career choices & Studying Abroad; helping Students in need of relevant information. He is a Mechanical Engineer & an MBA by qualification. He keeps himself updated with the constant changes in the Education arena & provides answers on Quora, Shiksha.

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