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Posted By : Mr Anand Dhillon/Posted on: May 20, 2017

Given below are some IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT MBBS IN INDIA that you should know:

According to Medical Council of India data, the doctor-population ratio in India stands at 1:1681, worse than Vietnam, Algeria and Pakistan. This too is based on the assumption that 80% of these doctors are available on any given day.

Six states, which represent 31 per cent of India's population, have 58 per cent MBBS seats; on the other hand, eight states, which comprise 46 per cent of India's population, have only 21 per cent MBBS seats

India's healthcare spending is the lowest among BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) nations, as are its health indicators.

So as per the situation there is a need for over 5,00,000 doctors and hence plenty of scope and opportunity for those who study MBBS.

If 100 medical colleges are added every year for the next five years, only by the year 2029 the country will have adequate number of doctors.

Admission to MBBS program in India is only via merit basis at your performance in all India entrance exams like NEET 2017, AIIMS 2017, JIPMER 2017.

This year more than 11 lakh aspirants appeared for NEET 2017. MBBS seats offered via NEET 2017 are approximately 63,000 only.

Competition is strenuous hence less than 5% of total aspirants manage to get a government MBBS seat in India. Studying MBBS in Private Medical Colleges is not affordable for many Indian students. This problem persists as the number of seats is extremely less as compared to the number of students who apply for those MBBS seats.

Hence, students who have a good aptitude to become a medical professional, have scored well and yet not got admission to MBBS program in India, have started looking for a solution to this problem i.e. to study MBBS abroad.

The Health Ministry of Indian Medical Council are in process of implementing an exit exam known as NEXT (National Exit Test) which will be a common licensure exam for all medical graduates be it from India or abroad. License for practice in India will be provided only if they clear this exam. This will ensure the quality of doctors practicing in India. So it is important to choose good universities and colleges to study medicine, be it in India or abroad.

We have listed below a list of countries abroad where thousands of Indian students have been studying MBBS successfully. These countries are listed keeping in mind the prime requirement of Indian students to study medicine i.e. Good Quality of Education at Affordable Cost.


Russia or Russian Federation is the largest country in Europe. They have decades of expertise in research and innovation in technology and medicine.

It is home to some of the best Government Medical Universities throughout Europe.

Tuition fee is low as the Russian government provides adequate funding to medical and technological universities; almost 60% of the cost. Cost of living is affordable. Approximate tuition fee can be as low as 2.5 lakh per year.

Education is provided in English medium though it is mandatory to learn Russian language for clinical subjects and effective communication with patients.

There is no entrance exam for admission to MBBS in Russia. Admission is direct on basis of PCB aggregate in higher secondary (12th) board exam.

Medical qualification is recognised by MCI, WHO, UNESCO and other medical councils across the world.


UKRAINE is the second largest in Europe. It was a part of former USSR. As of now it is a neighbouring country to RUSSIA and other countries in Europe.

UKRAINE was one of the first countries to start MBBS in English medium for International students.

It has implemented the BOLOGNA process of education followed throughout Europe, which helps students to easily transfer their credits to study anywhere in Europe.

Tuition fee is low. Cost of living is affordable.

No entrance exam is required for studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Medical qualification is recognised by MCI, WHO, UNESCO and other medical councils across the world.


Philippines is an island country located in Asia. It is the 3rd largest English speaking nation in the world.

Studying MBBS in Philippines is beneficial for students who want to do their residency in USA as education system in Philippines is similar to that of USA and facilitates preparation for USMLE.

MBBS is in English medium. In Philippines students first enrol for a foundation program of 1.5 years and then get promoted to study medical program of 4 years after passing NMAT which is a mandatory exam to study MBBS in Philippines.

Most of the medical institutes in Philippines are private hence Indian students should take utmost care about the institute where they enrol.

Education is affordable and is approved by MCI, WHO.

Thus if you are determined to pursue MBBS, you should consider these countries. Also ensure that the university you apply is listed with the Medical Council of India (MCI). Click on this link to see the MCI listed universities.

Besides the above mentioned countries, GERMANY, CHINA and GEORGIA (EAST EUROPE) are also suitable options.

Though MBBS in GERMANY can be studied only in German language, hence it is very tedious and time consuming to first learn German and then start learning medicine. That too if you qualify at the eligibility exams successfully.

CHINA has also been one country where many Indian students have been studying MBBS, though be careful in choosing a reputed university as there have been cases of fake universities in CHINA.

GEORGIA (EAST EUROPE) is an emerging country offering MBBS course. Again a word of caution is that choose government universities preferably which have experienced faculty and have expertise in training international students in English medium of instruction.

MBBS which was once considered a distant dream for thousands of Indian aspirants is now achievable.

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