Studying MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students has become one of the most wanted places for those who want to pursue a career in MBBS. The Medical Universities in Georgia furnish top most facilities for all aspiring students for the MBBS course in Georgia. After obtaining an MBBS Degree from Georgia University an Indian student can proudly join any medical firm and hospital globally as their degree is recognized worldwide. There is a wish which every student studying medicine has is to add an international degree in their curriculum vitae. For students who wish to study MBBS in Europe, MBBS in Georgia is really worth noticeable.There are 25 NMC approved medical universities in Georgia.

At the intersection of Europe and Asia, situated is the small country known as Georgia. The Georgian medical colleges are governed by the National Medical Commission (NMC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and other medical bodies. Studying MBBS in Georgia for Indian Students has become one of the most wanted places for those who want to pursue a career in MBBS. The Medical Universities in Georgia furnish top most facilities for all aspiring students for the MBBS course in Georgia. After obtaining an MBBS Degree from Georgia University an Indian student can proudly join any medical firm and hospital globally as their degree is recognized worldwide. The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has given accreditation to major institutions, colleges and universities in Georgia. MBBS in Georgia is also famous among medical students for its low cost medical education.Therefore, for Indian medical aspirants MBBS in Georgia could be the right choice.

About Georgia

Georgia is a country located in the Caucasus, at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, identifying itself as European. It is bounded by the Black Sea to the west, Russia to the north and east, Turkey to the southwest, Armenia to the south, and Azerbaijan to the southeast. The country covers an area of 69,700 square kilometers (26,900 sq mi) and has a population of 3.7 million people (excluding the Russian-occupied Georgian territories). Georgia is a representative democracy governed as a unitary parliamentary republic. Tbilisi is its capital as well as its largest city and is home to roughly a third of the Georgian population.

Georgia is a developing country, classified as "very high" on the Human Development Index. Economic reforms since independence have led to higher levels of economic freedom and ease of doing business, as well as reductions in corruption indicators, poverty, and unemployment. It was one of the first countries in the world to legalize cannabis, becoming the only former-socialist state to do so. The country is a member of international organizations such as the Council of Europe, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, Eurocontrol, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation the GUAM Organization for Democracy and Economic Development.

Climate in Georgia

Please view individual region of the University for climate specific to each University.

 Tbilisi State Medical University (Tbilisi)

 Caucasus International University (Tbilisi)

 Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University (Batumi)

Top Cities in Georgia












Top famous places in Georgia

 Old Town (Altstadt) Tbilisi (Tbilisi)

 Batumi Botanical Gardens (Batumi)

 Kutaisi Market (Kutaisi)

 Lake Rica (Gagra)

 Aerial Tramway in Tbilisi (Tbilisi)

 Batumi Boulevard (Batumi)

 Monument Ali and Nino (Batumi)

 Bagrati Cathedral (Kutaisi)

 Batumi Dolphinarium (Batumi)

 Russian Georgian Friendship Monument (Gudauri)

 Tsminda Sameba Cathedral (Tbilisi)

 Borjomi Central Park (Borjomi)

 Rezo Gabriadze Marionette Theater (Tbilisi)

Key Features of medical education in Georgia | MBBS in Georgia

Duration of MBBS in Georgia 5 + 1 Year (Internship)
Eligibility for MBBS in Georgia 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology at 10+2
Medium of Teaching English
IELTS and TOEFL Required in many universities
Recognitions of Universities in Georgia WHO, NMC, WFME, FAIMER, ECFMG

Cost of Living in Georgia

Particulars Approx Range in USD Approx Range in RS
Accommodation (other than a hostel) 150 - 215 10,600 - 15200
Food 80 - 100 5700 - 7100
Transport 10 - 14 700 - 1000
Clothing 25 - 43 1800 - 3000
Other Expenses 70 - 75 5000 - 5300

Accreditation of Medical universities in Georgia

 NMC (National Medical Commission)

 WHO (World Health Organization)

 Ministry of Education, Georgia

 WFME (World Federation for Medical Education)

 ECFMG (Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates)

 FAIMER (The Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research)

Best Medical universities in Georgia | Top 3 Universities for MBBS in Georgia | MBBS fees in Georgia

1. Tbilisi State Medical University

Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU) is a leading medical university in Tbilisi, Georgia. More than 85 years have passed since Tbilisi State Medical Institute was founded based on the faculty of Medicine at Tbilisi State University (TSU). In 1992 Tbilisi State Medical Institute was renamed Medical University. TSMU is the eighth-ranked (out of 55) higher-education institution in Georgia.

Fees at Tbilisi State Medical University

Duration of the course is 6 Years

Fees Pattern1st year2nd year to 6th yearGrand Total
Tuition Fee8000 USD8000 USD48,000 USD Total
Hostel Fee3000 USD3000 USD+ 18,000 USD Total
Medical InsuranceExcludedExcluded

 *The tuition fee may increase from 2nd - 6th year (6-10%).
 *1 USD = 75 Russian Ruble applied for this MBBS fee structure (As per the current situation).
 *The amount payable in INR may vary depending on the forex rate.

Edifice team would like to inform you that the exchange rate is extremely volatile and is subjected to change, in such a scenario the fees shown above may differ from the actual price due to a change in the exchange rate and other factors. Candidates are requested to check the current exchange rate before initiating the admission process.

More about Tbilisi State MU


Caucasus International University (CIU) – LLC was founded in 1995 as a limited liability company. Caucasus University is a private university in Tbilisi, Georgia. The university was established in 2004 on the foundation of the Caucasus School of Business, which was established in 1998 in partnership with Georgia State University, Atlanta, U.S., during the country's transitional period.

Fees at Caucasus International University

Duration of the course is 6 Years

Fees Pattern1st year2nd year to 6th yearGrand Total
Tuition Fee5500 USD5500 USD33,300 USD Total
Hostel Fee3000 USD3000 USD + 18,000 USD Total
Medical InsuranceExcludedExcluded
Note: Please refer note section of 1. Tbilisi State Medical University

More about Caucasus International University


The Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University is the higher education university in Batumi, the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia. It is named after the medieval Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli. The academic potential, traditions, and geographical location of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University determine the priorities of its scientific-research activities.


Duration of the course is 6 Years

Fees Pattern1st year2nd year to 6th yearGrand Total
Tuition Fee8200 USD6560 USD41,000 USD Total
Hostel FeeIncludedIncluded
Medical InsuranceIncludedIncluded
Note: Please refer note section of 1. Tbilisi State Medical University


Duration of Studying MBBS Course from Georgia

The total duration of MBBS course in Georgia is 5.8 years for the students who have chosen English as their medium of studies.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Georgia

 Though IELTS/TOEFL isn’t a necessity in maximum Georgian Universities, some universities make it mandatory for overseas students.

 Students must be 17 years or more.

 Completion of 10+2 from a regular board.

 Private students are not applicable for NMC Eligibility criteria but they can get admission to MBBS Georgia.

 Students must have scored at least 50% in class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as the main subjects.

 Students belonging to (SC/ST/OBC) need to score at least 40% in the same subjects.

 Qualifying NEET is mandatory for Georgia MBBS.

Admission Process

 Step 1: It always starts with filling an online application form, keeping in a stack the required documents (will be elaborated in the next header).

 Step 2: An offer letter is issued by the university as soon as they receive the application form. After which, fees can be deposited by students in the bank account of the university.

 Step 3: An accreditation letter is issued by The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia to the students after 30 days. The university then receives a ministry order to in turn issue an invitation letter to the students.

 Step 4: It takes 30 days for visa approval after the above procedure is complete.

 Step 5: Once the fees is validated, the departure process is fulfilled.

Required Documents for MBBS Admission in Georgia

 Health and Travel Insurance.

 10th and 12th Marksheet

 Valid Passport and Visa

 Birth Certificate (in English)

 Six passport-size photographs with white background

 Six-month bank statement of parents/guardian

 Letter of Authorisation

 No Objection Certificate

 Sponsor Letter

Career Options after Completing MBBS in Georgia

 The students can pursue PG courses in any country such as Germany.

 They can opt for a hospital management course.

 They can set up their clinic in India after qualifying MCI screening test.

PG Options in Europe/ UK / USA after MBBS in Georgia

Many students wish to practice medicine and settle in the USA after completing of MBBS in Georgia. Other students attempt to pursue a postgraduate course in India after getting a medical degree from Georgia. If a student has studied Georgia MBBS then fortunately many opportunities are opened around the world like:

 Eligibility for USMLE to practice

 You can join a PG program in Germany

 After passing PLAB you can practice in the UK

 After AMC you can practice in Australia

 After passing Language and Practice Licensing exam you can practice in other countries in Europe

 Study PG courses in the US

 Qualify NMC Screening Test and become eligible for pursuing higher education from India in the field of medicine

 Once a student has obtained an MBBS degree from Georgia then he/she is eligible for appearing in any international medical entrances.

 Some Indian students take a bolder step and allow choosing a PG course from Germany.

What are the Career Opportunities after Completing MBBS Degree from Georgia?

 The demand for MBBS is increasing day by day as diseases are increasing worldwide. Also, it is not going to end up in the nearer future. Therefore, students have a bright and successful career after MBBS in Georgia.

 All the international bodies including the European council, WHO, and UNESCO are the government bodies whose accreditation has been given to the MBBS in Georgia. Thus, an MBBS degree in Georgia is recognized worldwide. Students who have taken their medical degree from Georgia can practice in any country, but for that, they should give NMC Screening Test.

 Georgian universities pay significant attention to different qualities that a doctor should have and which will also help students to develop better career prospects and success, those qualities are

 Hospital management is one of the best career options for MBBS / MD graduate students.

 If you want to set up your clinic then there is that option as well after clearing NMC.

 PG course in top countries such as Germany, USA, etc.

Where Can We Apply for PG after Completing MBBS from Georgia?

 Practice in the UK after qualifying for the PLAB examination.

 Practice in the US after qualifying for USMLE

 Practice in India after clearing the NEXT exam

 Practice in Australia after AMC

 Join a PG program in Germany

Will I Get any Scholarships for Studying MBBS in Georgia?

No, there are no scholarships for studying MBBS courses in Georgia. However, The government of Georgia provides a significant amount of the annual budget they have for medical education. Students will get some stipends based on their performances. The following are the factors covered by the stipends given

 Tuition fees

 Hostel amount etc.

 You can talk to one of our consultants to know more about studying MBBS Georgia.

Will I Get Any Education Loan Assistance for Indian Students?

 We are helping students to study MBBS from Georgia, also providing important information about education loans. Education loan is an important factor. Hence we provide the same for Indian Students

 We help students to collect all the important needed data and assist them.

 We also help in reaching significant banks for educational loan purposes.

 Our professionals will assist you with important details about the whole banking procedure.

 We will guide you and get you the lowest interest rates to get a loan.

 We will be with you throughout the process guiding you thoroughly.

 From filling out the application form to liaison with banks, private and national both.

 We make sure that students get their loans without any hassle and can afford the needed fees.

Will I Get Any Education Loan Assistance for Indian Students?

 As Georgian is the local language in Georgia, students might feel the language is a barrier (outside the university campus).

 Georgia has no embassy in India. Students may face problems in meeting certain conditions laid down by the country.

 Georgia doesn’t exercise strict rules over the receipt of the capitation fees.

 TOEFL or IELTS exams are mandatory in many Georgian universities.

 The country is also suffering from the rise of many fake universities.

Why MBBS in Georgia?

 Global Renowned Degrees All the medical universities of Georgia are accredited by WHO, WDOMS, FAIMER, ECFMG, and the Medical Council of leading countries such as the U.S., U.K., Middle East, Australia, India, Canada, etc.

 Focus on Quality Education Some of the medical universities in Georgia are among the best in the world when it comes to quality education. MBBS in Georgia is, therefore, a popular choice for students across the globe. Medical Universities in Georgia offer both European and American systems of education. Graduates of these schools can practice in both regions.

 Resourceful universities The medical universities in Georgia are renowned for their exceptional infrastructure, technological advances, and qualified lecturers, which make them a popular choice for students around the world.

 Safe & Easy Living Being a developed country, Georgia offers an excellent quality of life has the lowest crime rate in the world, and thus is safe for international students.

 Good Number of Indian Students In Georgia, you can easily find several Indian students, thus, it is more comfortable.


 Technically-enhanced learning Medical universities in Georgia offer some of the best teaching technologies. By using technology, students can keep their education current and engaging.

 Career Opportunities MBBS in Georgia is not only a much-acclaimed name for its quality but also for the unlimited career opportunity it provides. A medical degree from Georgia certainly paves the way for some of the best opportunities and growth.

 Georgian Universities have the lowest tuition fees.

 IELTS/TOEFL is not needed at all.

 100% visa Approval rate.

 English as the Medium of instruction.

 Very Friendly environment for all students.

 Georgia features among the top 10 lowest crime rates countries in the world.

 Degree acknowledged in all European Countries.

 Free Visa for Schengen Countries.

 No Donation is required.

 WHO & MCI approved Medical Universities.

 Easy availability of Indian cuisine.

 Easy admission procedure

 German Language Classes from 4th Year.

 Scholarships are available for up to $1000.

 Separate lodging facilities for girls and boys.

 No upper age limit for applicants.

 Two Sessions; one begins in February, while the other in September.

 Gaps in studies are not an issue

 PR starts from the 3rd year

 Individual Guidance to students preparing for MCI, USMLE, and PLAB screening tests

 The easy option of shifting base to Germany is permitted for pursuing a PG course.

 Best salary packages to students after learning the German language.

 Options to the students to pay tuition fees in two installments.

 No tuition fees in the last year of the Course.

 Georgian medical universities and colleges far better education when compared to Indian private medical colleges. The main focus here is to enable students to acquire practical expertise. Students also have access to advanced technologies and devices.

 The MBBS degree is recognized by the WHO and UNESCO and is accepted across the world.

 MBBS students in Georgia are eligible for internships and can apply for further studies in 47 countries under the Lisbon Convention.

 Medical students in Georgia are provided with opportunities to gain practical knowledge through experiments and clinical clerkship.

 The infrastructure and facilities of hostels are excellent and Indian cuisines are served at the hostels to give students a homely feeling.

 Students studying in Georgia get the opportunity to complete their internship program at world-class medical colleges and hospitals around the world.

 Georgia is one of the safest places in comparison to other countries. It is safer than Russia, China, and Ukraine. Indian students can travel on public transport in Georgia without any trouble.

 The tuition fee is quite low and affordable.

 MBBS colleges in Georgia provide great academics, as well as sports.

 The fees of the medical Universities in Georgia are affordable and are much less as compared to that of the private medical colleges in India.

 The medical Universities of Georgia are recognized by the Medical Council of India. Indian students must make sure that they do their MBBS course only from those medical Universities in Georgia that are recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI)

 The medical Universities in Georgia have global recognition as they are recognized by global bodies like WHO.

 The admission procedure for getting admission in the medical Universities of Georgia is very simple

 It must also be noted that the cost of living in Georgia is also low, and hence Indian students can afford the same with ease.

 Georgia has a good environment for students who want to study MBBS, and Georgia is also overall a safe place for Indian students.

 The cost of medical education in Georgia is less and also the cost of living is economical in Georgia.

 The High Ranked Medical Universities in Georgia have good infrastructure, and they provide good facilities.

 Indian students who are pursuing their medical education in Georgia get International exposure.

 Some of the medical Universities in Georgia recognized by MCI, UNESCO, and WHO

 Once an Indian student completes his medical education at a medical University in Georgia, then he has lots of scope in terms of higher education and career.

 Globally recognized medical universities

 Affordable tuition fees

 English is used as the medium of teaching.

 No donations.

 Some of the universities in Georgia are among the top-rated universities.

 The MBBS from Georgia admission procedure is quite simple.

 There are no entrance exams for MBBS admission in Georgia.

 Fewer chances of visa rejection.

 Universities in Georgia are WHO and National Medical Commission recognized.

 MBBS Georgia offers training for NMC screening as well for Indian students.

 The medical syllabus is an amalgamation of both theoretical and practical knowledge.

 The living cost is economical as well in Georgia.

 The hostel facilities, labs, research, and accommodation facilities are perfect.

 There is no requirement to qualify for English language exams like TOEFL, IELTS, PTE, and others.

 There is remarkable international exposure, and highly trained and skilled professors.

 There is an option of paying in installments and scholarships for deserving candidates.

 The survey and the statistics highlight that Georgia is among the top 10 safest countries around the globe.

 Georgia is considered to be one of the outstanding places in terms of living standards and harmony of life.

 There is a variety of choices for students to lead a pleased and comfortable life that is too within budget.

 The crime rate is very less even though Georgia is a democratic republic. Indeed, Georgia provides a secure environment for students.

 Georgia offers a multicultural society and welcomes all overseas students to realize the importance of the world’s economy.

 The universities in Georgia offer countless employment opportunities for the students featuring some of the top medical universities in medicine.

 When compared with other countries like USA and UK then Georgia is almost 2 to 3 times cheaper. Therefore, Georgia is considered a seamless place for students who wish to pursue MBBS in Georgia medical universities.

 Georgian medical universities' fundamental aim is to imbibe excellence and expertise in all students.

 Georgian universities adhere to the quality standards set by UNESCO and WHO.

 The medical universities in Georgia are recognized globally thus opening up new avenues for the students who study in Georgia.

 Medical education from Georgia is a sure-shot win game for Indian aspirants who wish to study MBBS.

Important FAQs for MBBS in Georgia

Is NEET mandatory for studying MBBS in Georgia?

Yes as per the MCI guidelines, any Indian student who wants to study MBBS in Georgia, has to appear and pass the NEET exam with minimum qualifying marks

Are the students offered any scholarships at Georgian Medical Universities?

Although the MBBS fee in Georgia is quite subsidized, yet some universities offer scholarships to students who perform well at their academics.

Is there any entrance exam to get a MBBS seat in Georgia?

The eligibility criteria to get MBBS seat in Georgia is a good score in 12th board exams and NEET qualified. Every university does conduct some entrance test which have basic questions related to science and English.

Is a Georgian medical degree is accepted in other countries?

Yes if you choose a medical university in Georgia listed with MCI and WHO, it is accepted.

Is it possible to take education loan for medical studies in Georgia?

Yes it is possible to take education loan for MBBS in Georgia, from government and private banks in India. We assist our student for the same.