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Ural State Medical University is a public medical university in Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Oblast in the Ural region of Russia. It is the only institution of higher education in the Sverdlovsk Oblast that prepares doctors and pharmacists with higher education. Ural State Medical University was started in 1931. It is a higher medical education institution in the Ekaterinburg city of Russian Federation. Ural state medical university is recognized by WHO and UNESCO, and thus the university ensures highest quality in higher education standards in theoretical lessons, research and development. Ural State Medical University is also included in the list of the best higher education institutions in Commonwealth Independent States.

The university was given the status of Ural State Medical Academy in 1995. The Ural State Medical Academy was awarded the status of the university in 2013 and renamed to Urals State Medical University.

About Yekaterinburg City

Yekaterinburg is a city and the administrative centre of Sverdlovsk Oblast and the Ural Federal District, Russia. The city is located on the Iset River between the Volga-Ural region and Siberia, with a population of roughly 1.5 million residents, up to 2.2 million residents in the urban agglomeration. Yekaterinburg is the fourth-largest city in Russia, the largest city in the Ural Federal District, and one of Russia's main cultural and industrial centers. Yekaterinburg has been dubbed the "Third capital of Russia", as it is ranked third by the size of its economy, culture, transportation and tourism.

Yekaterinburg is one of Russia's most important economic centres and was one of the host cities of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The city is currently experiencing an economic and population boom, which resulted in some of the tallest skyscrapers of Russia being located in the city. Yekaterinburg is home to the headquarters of the Central Military District of the Russian Armed Forces, as well as the presidium of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Yekaterinburg is famous for its constructivist architecture and is also considered the "Russian capital of street art".

Climate of Yekaterinburg City

The city possesses a humid continental climate (Dfb) under the Köppen climate classification. It is characterised by sharp variability in weather conditions, with well-marked seasons. The Ural Mountains, despite their insignificant height, block air from the west, from the European part of Russia. As a result, the Central Urals are open to the invasion of cold arctic air and continental air from the West Siberian Plain. Equally, warm air masses from the Caspian Sea and the deserts of Central Asia can freely penetrate from the south. Therefore, the weather in Yekaterinburg is characterized by sharp temperature fluctuations and weather anomalies: in winter, from frost at −40 °C to thaw and rain; in summer, from frosts to temperatures above 35 °C (95 °F).

Top places to visit in Yekaterinburg City

 Visotsky Business Center Lookout

 Church on the Blood

 Ganina Yama Monastery

 President Center of Boris Eltsin

 Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts

 Sevastyanov's House


 Yekaterinburg War Memorial

 V. Vysotskiy Museum

 Weir on river Iset

 Yekaterinburg State Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre

 Chertovo Gorodische

Quick Overview

University Type Public

Year of Establishment 1930

World ranking 5149

Country ranking 144

Number of Faculty 6 (For International Students)

Medium of Instruction English / Russian

NEET Required (For Indians only) Yes, It is Required   Mandatory

Courses Offered General Medicine, Pediatrics, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Preparatory Faculty

Minimum percentage required 65% (PCB per subject)

Duration of MBBS 6 Years (English Medium)

University Recognition WHO, NMC/MCI of India Approved

Address 3 Repina st, Ekaterinburg 620028

Official website

Accreditation and affiliation

 Medical Council of India (MCI)

 World Health Organization (WHO)

 National Medical Commission (NMC)

 Ministry of Health and Education of the Russian Federation

 United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)


 General Medicine

 Preventive Medicine



 Clinical Medicine


 Social Work

 Clinical Psychology


Duration of the course is 6 Years

Fees Pattern1st year2nd year to 6th yearGrand Total
Tuition Fee6500 USD4280 USD27,900 USD Total
Hostel FeeIncludedIncluded
Medical InsuranceIncludedIncluded

 *The tuition fee may increase from 2nd - 6th year (6-10%).
 *1 USD = 75 Russian Ruble applied for this MBBS fee structure (As per the current situation).
 *The amount payable in INR may vary depending on the forex rate.

Edifice team would like to inform you that the exchange rate is extremely volatile and is subjected to change, in such a scenario the fees shown above may differ from the actual price due to a change in the exchange rate and other factors. Candidates are requested to check the current exchange rate before initiating the admission process.

Accommodation and hostel facility

A home away from home for over 1,600 students. Our dormitories offer optimal living conditions, fostering student self-realization, leadership, and organizational skills. Accommodating both nonresident and foreign students, the campus ensures a supportive environment with shared living spaces, equipped rooms, and self-training halls. Student councils oversee dormitory activities, organizing events, and promoting a sense of community. Additionally, our on-campus healthcare facility prioritizes students’ well-being through medical care and preventive measures.

 Student apartments with a shared kitchen and recreation areas. The building of the former hotel «Bolshoi Ural» Only students live Across the road is business center Vysotsky.

 A detached building of a corridor type.

 Shared kitchen Shared toilet and shower on each floor, separate for boys and girls.

 A detached two-storey building with an attic, a 5-minute walk from the Passage shopping center. Shared kitchen, shared showers and toilets.

Also you can check into the hotel

The Crystal Hotel, located at the address: Yekaterinburg, Korolenko str., 5, offers rooms in the format of a student dormitory for comfortable and at the same time inexpensive accommodation for foreign and nonresident students of the Ural State Medical University with the implementation of a centralized arrangement of Russian and foreign citizens for registration and migration records at the Federal Migration Service.

Each hotel room is equipped with everything you need: a bed (orthopedic mattress, blanket, pillow, 2 sets of replaceable bed linen), a desk, a chair, a wardrobe, a bedside table. Toilet and bathroom facilities are located on the floor. Free Wi-Fi is distributed throughout the hotel.

The dining room on the 3rd floor offers a full range of tasty and healthy food at affordable prices. Guests can also use the shared kitchen equipped with electric stoves, microwave oven, sinks, kitchen set and kitchenware.

The hotel`s laundry is equipped with washing machines and a tumble dryer, as well as fold-out dryers, ironing boards and irons, which are free of charge.

The cost of living is from 270 rubles per person per day, which includes: round-the-clock accommodation, daily cleaning of common areas, bed linen change once a week. Additionally paid: three hot meals a day, washing personal belongings, as well as services for storing valuables, printing services, translation and notarial actions, a beauty salon (hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, etc.).

Eligibility for admission to MBBS course at Ural State Medical University

 You should be at the age of 17 on or before 31st December during the current year of admission.

 The student must have more than 65-70 % marks per subject in ECB in the 12th class (Senior Secondary School).

 NEET (Qualified marks) is mandatory to study MBBS in RostSMU for Indian Students.

 Only regular students can apply not from open schools.

Note: Remember no English Language (IELTS or TOEFL) test is required for applying or taking admission

Admission Process in Ural State Medical University

 The student needs to be in communication with the consultant.

 The documents including the admission form, mark sheets, etc. are submitted to the authorities by the applicant.

 The students have to pay an amount of INR 20,000 as a registration fee to Ural State Medical University.

 The admission letter is then issued by the university in the name of the applicant.

 The other part of the academic fee is submitted afterward.

 The student then receives an invitation letter which is the first official document given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

 The next step will be the applicant's application and receiving of visa.

 The students thus reach the final step i.e. commencement of classes in September at Ural State Medical University.

Documents required for studying MBBS at Ural State Medical University (For Indian Students)

 Filled application form with fee guarantee letter.

 Passport with a validity of a minimum of two years.

 10th, 12th Certificates, and mark sheets.

 20 passport-size photographs (35*45 mm @80% face at the matte finish paper with a white background.

 Medical tests: HIV test, X-Ray Chest, Blood test, Health Fitness certificate.

Why Study MBBS at Ural State Medical University?

 Ural State University Russia offers courses that are in full English Medium instruction.

 Ural Medical University Russia is affiliated with and recognized by the different medical councils of the world.

 Access to modern facilities, laboratories, and clinical training centers.

 There are 5 dormitories for students. The campus of the university and dormitory have high security, and special measures are also taken for girls’ safety.

 Ural State Medical University provides internships to students. Visiting lecturers come from different parts of the world to teach medical students at this university.

 The university holds the 10th position among Russian Medical Universities.

 Affordable tuition fees compared to many other medical universities abroad.

 The University is affiliated and recognized by the different medical councils of the world.

 It is a public university, so the government subsidizes the fees.

 There are more than 300 international students in the Ural State Medical University.

 The University stands on 100 ranks in RAEX Russian University.

 The Ural State University has the top three dental faculties in Russia.

 The university stands in 10th position in Russian Medical Universities.

 There are 1400 faculty members in the University, and 75% are Ph.D. holders.

 The University has over 30 international partnership agreements.

Advantages Of Studying MBBS In Ural State Medical University

 The University has an affordable fee structure for national and international students.

 It has a markable security system on the campus.

 The university has modern equipment and advanced learning tools on the campus.

 The environment of the university is friendly for the students.

 The campus provides transportation facilities to the students who all stay far from the universities.

 If the Indian students require Indian food, the campus hostel also provides that.

 They do have Indian wardens in the hostels for the Indian students.

 If the student wants to do a part-time job during their studies, they have those options too.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I apply for admission to Ural State Medical University?

 Find detailed admission procedures, requirements, and application deadlines on our official website.

Q. Are there scholarship opportunities available for students?

 Yes, Ural State Medical University provides various scholarship options. Check our Financial Aid section for details and eligibility criteria.

Q. What support services are available for international students?

 International students have access to language assistance, cultural integration programs, and guidance on legal requirements. Visit our International Students page for more information.

Q. Can I participate in exchange programs or international collaborations?

 Absolutely! Ural State Medical University encourages students to engage in international exchange programs and collaborations. Explore our Global Initiatives for details.

Q. How does the university support students' mental health and well-being?

 Our dedicated counseling services and well-being programs ensure comprehensive support for students. Learn more about Student Services on our website.

Q. What kind of research opportunities are available for students?

 Explore various research initiatives and opportunities across disciplines. Visit our Research & Innovation section for details.

Q. Are there on-campus housing facilities for students?

 Ural State Medical University provides dormitory options. Check the Housing section for accommodation details and application procedures.

Q. How can I get involved in student clubs and organizations?

 Engage in student life through various clubs and organizations. Details on student activities can be found on the Student Life page.

Q. What healthcare facilities are available on campus for students?

 Our on-campus healthcare facility provides medical care, preventive measures, and support for students. Visit the Campus Facilities section for more information.

Q. Which are the courses that the Ural State Medical University offers?

  The courses offered by the Ural State Medical University are Dentistry, Medicine, Health, Applied sciences and professions, Nursing and Pharmacy.

Q. Does the university provide Ph.D. courses?

 Yes, the university provides Ph.D. courses in subjects such as Dentistry, Health, and Pharmacy.

Q. Are students allowed to cook their own food?

 Yes, students who are enthusiastic about cooking and who want to eat the food of their choice can prepare their own food.

Q. How many faculties and departments are there at the Ural State Medical University?

 There are 9 faculties and 78 departments at the Ural State Medical University.