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80% of Indian Hospitality Graduates want to Work Abroad– Why ?

Posted By : Mr Anand Dhillon/Posted on: Jun 05, 2017

We have shared with you in this article some facts and calculations that will help you in understand as to why is it beneficial to study and work abroad in hospitality sector as compared to India.


There is a major shortfall of skilled labour and managers in the Indian hospitality industry.

The prime reasons for this are:

Lack of institutes which can provide top class education and training to manpower

Extremely low Pay scales. In fact many graduates are underpaid without any additional payment for overtime.

This has led to human resource drain in the Indian hospitality Industry

Hospitality is a vast multi million dollars industry that provides a large scope to individuals. If you have decided to study hospitality management courses, it is necessary to consider your options for a good education and post education employment opportunities.

It is a fact that job opportunities in hospitality sector are more rewarding abroad than in India and so is the education and training.


Hospitality is a globally rewarding sector with immense employment opportunities in various countries of Europe as well as New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Singapore & UAE (Dubai).

The sector is highly skill oriented and provides higher growth and better opportunities to people who gain their expertise in internationally acclaimed institutes.

An average Hospitality graduate abroad earns more than 4 -5 times the graduate in India.

With such opportunities, locations such as New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Singapore & UAE (Dubai) become a preferred destination for International Students and Recruiters.

The return on your investment to study a hospitality course is faster abroad rather than in India.

So though the initial investment is less in India and higher in foreign countries, but you can recover your investment much sooner abroad than in India.

Given below is a comparison between the approximate investment and minimum returns in hospitality sector in various countries:

India Canada | New Zealand Australia Singapore Dubai
Average Fees For Undergraduate Degrees (INR) 4-5 lakhs 12-15 lakhs 12-15 lakhs 8-10 lakhs 8-10 lakhs
Average Fees For Postgraduate Degrees (INR) 2-3 lakhs 7-10 lakhs 7-10 lakhs 4-5 lakhs 4-5 lakhs
Average Starting Salary For an Undergraduate professional 7000 35000 40000 45000 30000
Average Starting Salary For a Post Graduate professional 12000 50000 60000 60000 40000

Approximate Time required to Repay Investment

Undergraduate 4.76 years 3.10 years 3.10 years 1.5 years 2.5 years
Postgraduate 1.75 years 1.2 years 1 year 1 year 0.75 years

So what we can conclude from the comparison above is that:

The remuneration of a candidate is far better abroad than in India, hence he can recover the education loan amount much faster as compared to the amount he invests for education in India.

On an average, a person takes almost 5 years to clear his Education Expenditure in India after an Undergraduate degree as opposed to about 3 years to clear his Educational Expenses Abroad at the Undergraduate.

Also the growth prospects within the time frame are definitely greater than in India.

So if you are planning to be a part of hospitality industry, going abroad to study and work can be a life changing decision.

Author : Mr. Anand Dhillon [M.B.A.]

Anand Dhillon loves to write & share knowledge on Education in India, Career choices & Studying Abroad; helping Students in need of relevant information. He is a Mechanical Engineer & an MBA by qualification. He keeps himself updated with the constant changes in the Education arena & provides answers on Quora, Shiksha.

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